Paul Pender- Artist

My journey to painting did not happen immediately. In fact, it took a very long time to realize my potential. I decided to try to draw some, but believed I had no talent and left the "artistic stuff for the artists."  It was not until many years later that I found some form of artistic expression, when I began making wire wrapped jewelry. I enjoyed success and even traded jewelry for other artist's items, most notably some hand colored silk ties.  Ultimately, I found jewelry making to be less rewarding than I had hoped, and I continued to look for an artistic venture that satisfied my need for expression and my desire for quality for others.

I had completely forgotten about art until a few years ago when a resurrection of the legendary Bob Ross on streaming services re-introduced painting to many who may have heard of the artist.  I remembered watching his show on Saturdays, and I found myself again watching the episodes and remembering my desire to paint from long ago. 


With permission from my beloved wife, I went ahead and bought my first set of paints, brushes, canvas and an easel. I started with acrylics, but they dried too fast for my liking, so I made the jump to oil. Like many artists, my first painting was nothing to write home about, but it still holds sentimental value to me. I love painting and am excited to share my love with you.

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